AI and Infographics

AI Infographic

Here are some types of infographics that can be highly effective for attracting backlinks in SEO campaigns:

Data-Driven Infographics:

  • Industry Benchmarks: Present industry-specific data comparing key metrics or performance indicators. This is valuable for businesses and individuals within your niche. Example: Facebook Ad Benchmarks for Your Industry
  • Comparison Infographics: Compare and contrast different products, services, or approaches within your field. Ensure the comparison is fair and insightful. Example: 7 Best Website Builders
  • Research Findings: If you’ve conducted original research or compiled data on a relevant topic, present the key findings in an infographic for high shareability. Example: Google Rakes in More Ad Dollars than U.S. Print Media

Informational Infographics:

Statistical Infographics:

  • Eye-Catching Statistics: Present surprising or thought-provoking statistics relevant to your target audience, using impactful visuals to grab attention. Example: (Sprout Social infographic with 20 shocking social media statistics)
  • Data Trends: Use visuals to showcase trends and patterns within your field, highlighting significant changes or developments over time. Example: (This infographic by Oberlo explores the rise of e-commerce with statistics and trends)
  • Survey Results: If you’ve conducted a survey on a relevant topic, present the key findings and insights in an infographic format. Example: (Marketo infographic on the State of Marketing Automation 2023 based on survey results)

Creative Infographics:


  • Focus on Value: The core of attracting backlinks lies in providing valuable, informative, and shareable content. Your infographic should offer genuine insights or address a pain point for your target audience.
  • High-Quality Design: Invest in a visually appealing design with clear and consistent branding. Low-quality visuals will deter website owners from linking to your infographic.
  • Proper Attribution: Make it easy for others to embed your infographic with clear attribution and a link back to your website.

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